To promote program features which are practical, and realize the core educational values of social work as a means to satisfy evolving social needs.

  To help students establish a robust foundation of expert knowledge and professional skills that will enable them to successfully satisfy the community's needs for professional social services.

■  To equip graduate students with knowledge and skills to research and practice social work, enabling them to become direct service social workers, program developers and analysts, and professional supervisors and administrators.


■  Diverse teaching methods: As part of our educational traditions in the field of social work, we value different pedagogical practices.

■  Specialized curriculum: We offer practical courses to satisfy the demands of the field.

■  Internship opportunities: Students enjoy a broad range of internship opportunities in diverse areas of social work, including the chance to work overseas.

■  Collaboration with industry: The Department has established a committee specifically tasked with enhancing collaboration with business and industry.

■  Focus on developmental social work: Developmental social work sits at the core of our educational praxis. As such, we offer courses in that specific discipline as well as in financial social work.

■  Global perspective: Academic exchange agreements and dual degree programs with partners abroad offer students the chance to broaden their perspectives on the field of social work.